Where are human values?

The artificial world of Formula 1 itself, never attracted me. Its exclusive status, the superhero image of the drivers, the total lack of human relations, neither convinced me or fascinated me. It seems that there is no room for positive feelings (on the other hand, there are plenty of negative attitudes: envy, grudges, anger, hatred, selfishness,Ö). Where is the respect for your neighbour, friendship, generosity, honesty?
Not to mention good manners and upbringing! I remember in motorcycle racing when I was younger, there was a comradeship among the drivers; we would have dinner together and spend time with each other , other than at the weekends when there were the races; we would tease each other and there were great rivalries, but always a great respect. Formula 1 is a tremendous competition, representing the ultimate in automobile racing technology and the apex of a driverís career. This is why I tried to reach this level. But now that I have attained this goal (and I hope to be back next season), I donít want to compromise or accept a stalemate and negative turn-of-events, and inside my world, I will try my utmost to have a positive attitude and not to be caught in the spiral of F1ís negative working. Probably, I will remain the last of the dreamers, but I would like always to keep my life simple and rational, in other words, like an ordinary person.

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Campione Europeo Interserie Div. 1 1993
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Vincitore della 24h di Daytona 1995

Coppa del Mondo Sport Prototipi 1999

Podio Magny-Cours 1999