Monza; what a feeling
Excerpt from «Il Mediterraneo» 10 October 1995

THE GREATEST SENSATION WAS to be at wheel of a Formula 1 racing car on the track where my career as a professional race car driver debuted, the warmth of the reception by enthusiastic spectators, the presence of dozens of friends on the fairgrounds, in the paddock, ammong the mechanics, the sponsors and the fans who flock to the Grand Prix race to encourage me, banners along the track, the fans along the barriers behind the paddock rooting loudly for me , encouraging words from screaming fans during the pre-race parade. How can you remain calm? I am sure that everyone at MONZA have experienced in a world of artificial life and pseudo-superman where there is no room for emotions, I didn’t compete only for myself, but for those who came to the show to be entertained and experienced strong emotions. And feeling respected and appreciated, not only for my driving skills, but also for my values, fills me with joy and satisfaction. In the end , I am this way the things that really matter, the most genuine that affect me in the most way.
Thank You to all.
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