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Dear navigator, welcome to my Web Site

May be you were just looking for me, or you have been driven by curiosity towards the world of Formula 1, where many of You think that drivers have extraterrestrial qualities and live within wonderful women and rivers of dollars. Well, perhaps someone get it, but in most of the case our life is plenty of sacrifices and needs courage, firmness and so much wish of working. Ours is a sport where in an instant you are on the top and soon after you are out, but in the end do you know what it counts? Do you know which is the most important thing? Itís You, You the people, You the fans, because without your passion there wouldn't be any engagement of constructors, sponsors, organizers and we wouldn't race. Thatís why I donít feel like an extraterrestrial , nor being a superman, but one among You, with the same passion, perhaps with more determination (some say I am pig-headed), and surely with a lot of luck on my side. Visit this web site and, at last youíll know me better and I hope youíll know better some aspects of F1ís that nobody ever tells you. If you also want to write me, your questions and your topics will represent for me one more reason for working more and more in this charming racing world.

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